dr.shaji’s Profile

In the diagnosis of various diseases, Magnetic Resonance Imaging – MRI – has played an inevitable role in the Medical field. But it was Dr. P. C. Shaji who tried to familiarize the technology to the Malabar region. dr. shaji’s MRI & Medical Research Centre Pvt. Ltd., christened as dr. shaji’s MRI Centre, started its operations in Kozhikode on 23rd September 1996. It is the materialization of the fruitful vision of a young and dynamic Radiologist, Dr. P. C. Shaji, and was promoted jointly by him and his wife Mrs. P. K. Bijila.

From the time of its inception as the first MRI Centre at the Malabar region, it has gathered all credibility and acceptance as a MRI diagnostic centre through various diagnosis techniques. dr. shaji’s MRI Centre has showed a steady growth and has done nearly two lakh MRI Scans till the date.

Dr. P. C. Shaji is a Senior Consultant Radiologist in Malabar and he has served as the President of the Calicut Chapter of IMA and as the Secretary of Indian Radiological and Imaging Association.