There is no preparation needed before an MRI exam. Do not worry about food or drink restrictions and continue to take any medication you are currently prescribed unless directed otherwise by your doctor.

Let your child know that

Two main types of closed MRI machines are:

  • MRIs do not hurt
  • The big machine takes pictures of their insides to help them feel better.
  • It’s important to hold very still during the scan.
  • A registered technologist will help them move onto the MRI bed.
  • MRI beds sometimes have seatbelts, like cars, to help keep you safe.
  • The MRI makes loud noises when it takes pictures but you can listen to music to help with the noise.
  • A registered technologist will be able to see you and talk to you during your MRI scan.
  • It’s sometimes helpful to use your imagination. Pretend you are going to outer space or flying a plane.

The most common issue with small children obtaining MRI scans is their inability to hold still.

Depending on your child’s age, we will evaluate whether or not a oral sedation is necessary and consult with your referring physician.